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Airbnb is a pioneer of social innovation and built on the belief that great stories come from connection and collaboration. It was only natural that we came up with an idea based on those principles.

The result was “Hollywood & Vines,” a first-of-its-kind short film directed via Twitter and shot entirely on Vine. Working with award-winning screenwriter Ben York Jones, we created our storyline – the transformative journey of a simple piece of paper.

Once the script was set, the director began tweeting out Vine directions to the world. He then opened a Twitter dialogue with the most prolific Viners, helping to create the perfect shots. Submissions came in from all over the world, including San Francisco, Hong Kong and Kuwait.

After a week of editing, we ended up using over 100 submissions. In the end, our community shared in the creation of a film that embodies the Airbnb mission: a story of travel, adventure, and finding your place in the world.